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  Good songs need good musicians and great voices to reveal their potential. That’s why composer and Saxophone player Angèle Tremsal chose to produce her songs by recording live with some great Berlin musicians. She invited a few of her favorite singers to lend their voices to her beautiful pop-neo-soul songs.   The music is a substile mix of Groove, Soul, Jazz and Pop which creates a warm atmosphere and wide space through pure acoustic instruments and a blend of electronic vibes.    
Catchy melodies that are caressing the heart and the soul. 
A simple quality receipt that cannot fail.   

Compositions, arrangements, production backing vocals, melody and saxophones by: 
- Angèle Tremsal   

A strong rhythm section ensured by : 
-  Aidan Keith Lowe on Drums  
-  Attila Mühl on Guitare
 - Roberto Badoglio on e-Bass
        - Povel Widestrand on Keys        

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featuring Sara Hartman

Another Story is about the repetition of disfunctional relationships until you understand the pattern. 
Guest singer on “Another Story “ 
- Sara Hartman  Sara Hartman | Biografie (

Cover Design  Marika Moritz (Meekaart)
Mix: Cosimo Flohr
Mastering: Zino Mikorey



feat. Maja Mágedli

This second song is talking about the difficult time after a break up. 

When one try to let the past behind but our mind still brings us the memories. 

It is talking about the difficulties we can have to bring our mental in 

balance with what we are living in the present.  


CHANGE feat. Angèle Tremsal

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