In Berlin Angèle joins a lot Jazz Jam-Sessions to get into the music scene. She meets severale great players. Thanks to the FemJam and other jams, she get into knowing a lot of poeple in a short time and connect to some musicians whom she invites to play in her Jazz music project. Angèle starts to arrange her compositions for a Sextet. Through this network Enivrance starts to play concerts in Berlin. The lockdown is blocking this growing project so she decide to record her first album. This album contains only originals, all written and arranged by Angèle Tremsal. 
She invited Leonardo Montana from France on Piano to join the record, and that was a great decision ! 

Enivrance is Jazz music that is colourful and bringing different influences of Jazz together with simplicity; sensibility and humor.  From emotion to groove, a dansable, joyful Jazz that everyone can sing along. The melodies are recognisable and intens, the harmonies and rythmes contains the richness of Jazz !



Compositions, arrangements: 
Angèle Tremsal
Saxophones, voice: Angèle Tremsal
DRUMS:   Ria Rother / David Guy
TRUMPET, Trombone:   Kelly O'Donohue
BASS: Or Rozenfeld / Roberto Badoglio
GUITAR: Iakovos Symeonidis / Yamirah Gerke / Phil Rosplesch
PIANO: Leonardo Montana / Danielle Friedman

Mix: Cosimo Flohr
Mastering: Laurent Marc
Recording: Popschutz Studio-Arne Bergner

can listen and buy the album on:  

Angèle Tremsal's Enivrance | Linktree Angèle Tremsal's ENIVRANCE | 
DIOMUS RECORDS (diomus-records.de)


Blue Eyes
Inner Noise

Video : 
Camera, Cut, Director: Lenny Flore 
With thanks to Léa Tremsal,            Èthan Lescoet for assisting

Vocals: Angèle Tremsal
Piano: Leonardo Montana
Drums: David Guy
Bass: Or Rozenfeld
Sax: Angèle Tremsal
Composition: Angèle Tremsal

Mix: Cosimo Flohr
Mastering: Laurent Mark
Recording: Popschutz Studio-Arne Bergner

Video on Youtube

1st Live Concert with ENIVRANCE @ Peppi Guggenheim- Berlin

Angèle Tremsal – Saxophones, voice, comp., arrang. David Guy – Drums Kelly O’Donohue – Trumpet, Trombone Daigo Nakai – Bass Iakovos Symeonidis – Guitar Aron Symank – Piano, Keys

Sound & Light: Wilhelm http://www.wilhelmm.de/ 
Video: Stefan livevideo.peppi@gmail.com Spe©ialgalerie Peppi Guggenheim International Berlin http://www.peppi-guggenheim.de https://www.facebook.com/PeppiGuggenheim

Video on Youtube